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Could you add something like burglary? Unlcle/Cousin/... stopping burglary?

(Sorry if it's inappropriate to ask this, #Newbie)

lol what?

Story, like alexis sleep walking and, burglar gets inside...??


well without giving spoilers....  something like this is written for side content...


I picked  "cousin" for a protagonist, and next I saw a picture of a nude girl while she was wearing a %$(^& face mask! WTF is that! I find that extremely offensive, really. Beyond extremely actually.

Is she gonna keep wearing that throughout the game??

MC faces aren't shown.

Hi there If we buy this is this only for the demo? or is it early access for the new update. Thankyou!

if you buy it, you get full access to all updates through chapter 1.  Chapter 1 is Days 0 through 10

ohh so £3 for like 10 episodes really? if im thinking it out right lol 

Yeah, Pretty much. Chapters weren't originally planned for this, and things haven't been changed yet to reflect it, it will be coming next update.  Chapters became a thing due to the size of the game, and we didn't want people having to download 20 gigs of a game for each update as we get around day 20.     Eventually full release of this game was planned to be about $30, but now we will just have 3 chapters at $10, $4 right now for chapter 1.    Once we get around day 8 we will start pre-sales for Chapter 2 at a discounted rate as well, and same around day 18 for chapter 3.

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Let me look into this, did you run credit card payment (Through stripe) or was it paypal?

I do have one blocked payment on stripe from about 30 minutes ago (Incorrect cvc)

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If you typed the cvc incorrectly then it didn't process, it may show as pending in your account, but that will disappear in a day or 2 and the money will return to your account (I used to be Director of Technology for several food service chains, I am well aware of all the annoyances of pending transactions in bank accounts.)

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No worries, Had it actually processed I would have had no problem sending you the game and then getting itch to give you sustained access.


my opinion and first impression of the bit added for feedback, i like the whole not having to click through the intimate scenes and shit that's nice for sure and the scenes look nice. the mentality stats seem like a nice concept i really wanna see how that aspect plays out. Also something about the concept of taking advantage of the situation seems like it should feel wrong but within the story and what you know you don't really feel wrong for it in fact it kinda feels the most like the most sensual moment of the story so far. It doesn't feel to fast or sudden either since it kinda make sense because it happens IRL to people in a lot of cases so all in all i like it a lot and i'm eager for more.

gotta give mad props. this is a lot for a single person to do so i appreciate the effort.


Hey, just played the demo and the game looks AMAZING. I was wondering if it’s possible to add in an option to change the MCs skin if possible? I feel that this would add in more of an impact on the players choices throughout the game. Would defn buy if so. Great job overall 


A few of the idea's that have come up are changeable skin and changeable anatomy, At this point it wouldn't be to hard. but as the story progresses it would become impossible task.  The LI's already have allot of dynamics to them that change as the story goes. So scenes will already need to be rendered multiple times due to this, Add in changeable skin and anatomy and could get to the point that it takes days to render 1 image with all the different options.   It's something we would love to do, but it doesn't seem feasible,

This is not the first time I've seen a developer mention the long time it takes to render images, but this is honestly something that seems strange to me.  The geometry, lighting, and texturing in these games doesn't match AAA games real-time rendered scenes, so why do they take so long to prerender?

Rendering in true physical lighting is nothing like a game engine. Yes game engines are getting good, i mean insanely good, I have personally been working with unreal engine recently to try and start doing rendering that way because it is insanely good and real time (ish).  One of the major differences between this and a game engine is how much is faked in a game engine.   lighting is not accurate in games engines, unreal engine is getting damn close though.  Lighting in game engines are prebaked, which is something done on development side and takes an insane amount of time to calculate, and due to that shadows aren't accurate when it involves things moving, prebaking only works with stationary objects.

 It wasn't until real time ray tracing that things got closer, and real time ray tracing is a fun concept because it basically takes the 3d rendering that we do, and does a half ass job it and overlays it in your game, Ever notice the pixelization in rtx games on lower end cards? those are basically the result of it not being able to render fast enough for the scene, they are actually called fireflys and have been a known thing in 3d rendering for a looooong time.  that effect is new to video games and only rtx enabled games because its trying to accurately rendering lighting that it cant do fast enough. 

Then their is polygon count..  Video games use bump maps and normal maps to simulate high polygon count, because well... trying to through an insanely high polygon count character into a video game engine would get you about a half fps and would look like complete dog shit.  Go up to a nice textured wall in almost any AAA game and look at it from an angle, the protrusions and definition disappear the more of an angle you look at it. yes you can take like a daz character and load it into the unreal engine, but the polygons are significantly dropped because their is no subdivision so all the high detail shit we put into them, disappears without bump or normal maps.    also your AAA games, you have teams of developers and millions of dollars behind it.   not one guy with about $5000 worth of hardware....

all that being said, unreal is getting damn close.. and i am looking into using it for future projects.

and in-case you were ever curious, this is what a 1 second render looks like


Just bought the 5 dollar thing kinda sad no free but goat game keep up the good work


Idk if buy it here or in Patreon I really love this the first time I played it (I think is now the demo)


Lmao.... no way you made it 50% off and doubled the price at the same time


Just like I told the guy who said something yesterday, Its so everyone who buys now keeps access when the price goes to $10 when we release to steam. and I am working with itch to adjust everyone  who already bought at 5 so they will maintain access when it goes to $10,  This is just so when it goes to $10, everyone doesn't have to pay again.

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So is a Steam key included when i buy it here ?

Yes,  upon steam release anyone who has already purchased here will receive a steam key, and I actually just submitted all the paperwork to steam today to get the process rolling.

Awesome. +1 supporter  :)

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@3DRComics - absolutely loving this game - renders are amazing, especially the ones up close.

Edited to remove potential spoilers

Yes. I know, I have various checks and options for the conversation coded for that to allow it to even happen, I just wanted to make sure every one saw it so I removed those checks and options until its complete.


Ok cool.  In that case all good!  Thanks once again - awesome work!

v0.035.91 (tiny update as well) male cousin and female aunt. convo between kayla and ava in coffee shop. when kayla tells ava to "hang in their" instead of "hang in there". also says "he just seems impossible to please" on the female route instead of she. also if bought here the version says leave feedback for the teaser/test scenes. do you want that here or another place?


You can let me know what you think here, originaly that scene was going to be removed for itch release, but since we decided to charge for this now we left it in.


So what those who cant pay for yalls game get shafted all cause yall want money thats stupid as fuck.

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or you can play the free version which is an update behind. do you go to McDonald and complain because you have to pay for your food?  I spent 400 hours in October on this update, I am allowed to ask for a little compensation for my work.

let me put it this way the game you made is not good enough to be charged for and it sure isnt good enough to be put on steam. also i would complain about being charged for something that was previously free

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well their is a lot of people that will disagree with you.   and the fact that this is the 8th highest selling game on itch?

You may not like the game, that's fine, not everyone will, but their is a lot of people who do, and who are willing to support the continued development.


Great visual novel I love it


When meeting Misa instead of saying Welcome, it's saying Wecome

Thank you. Which route and which version?


Cousin, and Serious response


Visa Next Pls :3(if Able)

working on it.

Credit card is accepted again


game should be called: Thirsty days

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i canot pay with paypal my card doesnt allow ; no other way to pay ?? with games that dont use paypal i can pay what i want.


strip wont allow me on their service, adult content.  Ill try again with them but they kicked me off after a month last time.

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i dont know what "strip" is but i understand you have problem to allow payment with card so ok, i will wait.

Stripe is the only credit card processor allowed on itch, its what they use if they handle the payments as well.

Credit card is accepted again


yes , i have bought it now :)

Is there a possibility of this going on Steam?


We are prepping for a steam release with day 5, which is why allot of things got updated in this release to help with story divergence and some missed things. When the rest of day 4 is released their will be more updates and fixes to previous days, and by day 5 we are hoping to have any consistency re renders done so when we hit steam its in the best state possible


Anyone who buys on here will receive steam keys.

how does that work? do you have a email list for those that bought or something? just curious 

itch has the ability to give steam keys to those who purchased, and i do have access to emails and things via itch.

oh ok cool. i just it bought here.

Do i need to link itch and steam for this or anything? im new to itch buying so just trying to figure it out.

im not 100% sure on the process yet, but I know the ability is their, Ill let everyone know more as I find out more.


no just itch and patreon, that will give you the steam key if or when available.


next update?


Update 3.5 is being released this week, and contains half of day 4.   originally day 4 content was only going to be a subscriber release and the public update was just going to be some fixes, but once we got everything together for this first half of day 4, we realized even this half day, has more content then day 1 or 3 did. and as much content as the entirety of day 2.

So we are ok doing a half day release in this case.   Subscribers will still get a different release as they get access to a few scenes that won't be public yet because they aren't completed and I want their feed back on if I am going to complete them or not.




when is there going to be a day 4- day 6?


I like the game, it has a lot of potential, but I don't understand the logic.  The sexual tension between MC and Alex is so thick, yet if you try anything with her, you get "penalized" and she gets upset, and on top of that, she literally kisses you multiple times and shows you her body but is still weirded out if you try anything?  That logic doesn't make any sense.


I took it as Alex teasing the MC without actually meaning for anything to happen


Alex does tease the mc alot, but if played right, the only "penalized" action is you trying to put you're finger in her, and that's only because shes asleep and she freaks out when she wakes up.


Their has also been some issue with discrepancies in different routes, which over the past month, we have fixed and is part of this next update.

The first route written is the uncle/aunt route, and the other routes were branched off that.  and if I remember correctly, I think it was the cousin route that had a corruption stats glitch that caused it to fail on a few things.

One of the major changes in this next update is we completely separated the routes and script files into self contained paths where it only contains story for that route. The original files still exist so saves work, but if you start new, or load a save from day 2 and then go into day 3, you will be in the new diverged scripts.

This does require us to write each day 6 times, but it fixes these issues and allows for greater differences in the routes. Taking day 4 for example, Uncle/Aunt routes have a pretty awesome and unique experience with Alex, and the cousin route gets one with Kayla, and the family friend route, gets something completely unique with Ava.


Uh, is there a reason the arrows on the road in the intro point the opposite way? Are we all going the wrong way?

These kind of things have been discussed on my patreon, when we started this, it was mostly for fun and curiosity really, wasn't until we saw the response we got that we really started paying attention to things like this, so things like this are being fixed, but we don't want re renders to delay new content, so that's a slower process atm.


It's not an issue, really, more like an observation "huh, that's funny". I tend to pick up details like that all the time, and have a weird need to point them out. It didn't bother me at all, I just couldn't help myself.

Looking forward to new content, in any case. I really enjoyed it so far.

why does the title screen still say day 2?

oversite, because in most cases you get the animated background, its fixed in the next update.

Is there a cheta sheet?

a guided mode is coming in next update

Is it possible to pay with a credit card.  I don't want to use paypal!

I did have strip on here, but strip kicked me off their service so I had to remove it (they don't like adult content), but its funny because itch's internal payment system uses strip and itch has allot of adult content.  I've been debating on just going back to itch's internal payment system, but I have been a little spoiled by payments going directly into my account.


I am not sure if there is any content after the showed up in the cheating part. Is there is something I am missing or under development.

I really like the content and story line! keep it up!

Best game by far


That's it so far,  half of day 4 is done, Was going to release it to subscribers last week but after a few code changes, it gave us the option to expand on a few things when it comes to story divergence, so we did. Their is now 10 different scenes available for the morning of day 4 that change based on your previous choices and chosen relation.

I keep getting the message that day 3 can't load because it conflicts with an existing package.  Playing on an android.  Any ideas?

Yes, Something happened to my "key" for the android packager, and I had to get a new key, so it won't allow it to overwrite the previous install. Have to uninstall before installing :(


First off well done!  Secondly i might be blind but is there more after the whole Ava cheat?  My game just goes to credits then menu.


That is the end of day 3, I thought about adding more to that, but decided to leave it with just that and explain more in day 4.


am i being stupid? i can see day 3 in the files but mine stops after seeing Ava's BF cheating which is the end of day 2 unless i've completely lost track of time already...

Ava is day3, we realized after release we forgot to update ingame phone, I have an update coming out between the 14th and 21st that will address this, and some other issues.

oh yep my bad, I'm just being stupid 😅 thanks though. Keep up the great work, awesome so far!!

any femdom in this game and character name, please?

or dominating personality female character name 

Kayla is the more dominate LI, and she will have more dominate options available as the game progress.


So..i feel dumb and i know you've got countless comments about this but am stuck in the escape hotel. How do i unlock the toilet? Ive tried everything

One key in the case Kayla has, The other is under the bed in a box, inside a dildo ;)


When can I expect a new update for this series. By the way, love the storyline.


I don't like to give estimates this early, because things happen and I suck at hitting deadlines lol. but im already about 20% of the way through day 4 and its only been a week.   so aiming for end of October, early/mid November.

First half of day 4 should be hitting subscribers between the 14th and 21st of October.


whats the code


lol 444269


why do people not like NTR in games?


Everyone has their preferences, I'm not one to judge, but I try my best to make a game that is enjoyable for almost any preference.

So yes, While NTR is part of the story laid out for this, I have no problems providing the options and a few rewrites to play without that. And as a person who has dealt with that IRL, I can understand some of the issue with it.


you're telling me u wanna watch ur lover get pounded by another man?


no, no one said that.


 different strokes for different folks


I'm not interested in ntr, so thank you for letting us know upfront.


Of course! The side story was a commission and when we decided to release it publicly we figured it needed a pretty big warning ;)

Main story will have a couple of minor NTR elements later down the road, but those can be turned off for people who aren't interested.


This one's pure gold. Can't wait for more!


Great vn so far loving it. My fav character is Alex.

is update 0.03.90 day 3 as minee still says day 2

Im seeing the same thing. In the about tab, it shows .03.90 but i dont have access to day 3

if playing on mobile (Just found this out honestly)

the menu image still says day 2, I honestly wasn't aware that image was still visible as it got replaced with an animated background in with the female update to day 2 that apparently did not transition to mobile

so that image was never replaced for day 3 because we didn't know it was visible. 

There is a small update coming middle of month to fix some things, grammer, some code, few route changes. and I will have that corrected in that.

im on pc is day 3 live now

yes, day 3 is live for all platforms.

Alex looks like Ellie and it is out-of-this-world cute.



Stuck in the escape room , can't figure out the code

search on the web, it is easy to find


Give me a hint, found 6*9+6+9= but keeps saying that is wrong answer






Can someone help me, my game keeps closing by itself in the scene in the kitchen, when the girls start fighting , i don't know what to do

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What are you playing on. ? The scene uses a series of images in quick succession as an animation, later we moved to just using webm but haven't updated older anims yet.

(2 edits)

Same thing with me. Playing on Android. I installed it yesterday and it keeps crashing for me in the same spot.  Right after breakfast when Alex is texting her friend. Which is a shame because I'm really loving this game

Thanks, i am in the process of updating all old animations from image series to webm that should solve this issue. Was originally hoping to have that done last week, but some day 4 things sucked up allot of time and previous day updates kept getting pushed back.

Awesome! Thank you for the response. I wanted to add a little more detail about the original comment. Keep up the good work I can't wait to dive back into this game again

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