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great story great game looking forward to the next update of the game


Hello, how are u going? U are doing a great work. This story is amazing... The Next update is soon? I hope, i really want to play more this game, thank u!

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It says I can only pay with paypal, but I only have a card. Is there anything I can do to pay with card and still get the game?


I will turn on CC from time to time. Ill go a head and turn it on sunday (4/30), Hopefully you see this in time.   The reason I can't keep CC on.

Stripe is the only CC processor available on itch, Stripe does not support adult content, so I can not have a stripe account (had one twice and Stripe banned me both times).

The only other way to accept CC payments is to allow itch to handle the payments, which I will on sunday. the problem with it, itchs delay and then "Manual" approval process kind sucks so I won't see any of that money till probably June, So I can't keep it on because this is my job so I need more consistent access to what I earn.   I had itch accepting payments for a week on last update, it was a month before I received that money.

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Thank you!

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Oh I forgot I only could play the demo sad I don't have money to play the full version oh well it's still a good game and definitely worth it

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Just a little feedback, as I haveonly completed one route (currently on male family friend). So far I'm really surprised by how much I enjoy the game and how you can tell there's dedication behind it. Got here for the lewd and stayed for the rest.

1) All the more reason to give that feedback, because it really stood out to me how often a conversation contains a dragged out "are you okay with this" type of exchange. Since our character is portrayed (and called) "empathic", in most of the scenes he/she would know if "it is okay" after the first time he was in a situation to ask that question. Anticipation and Resonance. Especially if it's about something way less intimate than what already might've happened. No problem with a rhetorical courtesy question, but it really is often.

2) The POV closeups tend to look a little weird to me. The models are beautiful, the pictures compositions are top notch and the animations good, but with all the characters looking sleepy all the time (and at least the male family friend being a good amount taller than other characters), most conversations look almost a bit like a fisheye portrait for 60% of their duration.
I'm actually in awe how well the facial expressions in most kissing scenes are and I think the game would benefit from more borderline 3rd person shots, at least in animations. Maybe a camera height/focal length adjustment could compliment, I'm not a pro.

3) As for the Ava scene:
I like the cinematic approach. Not being able to skip or stay with a certain frame/animation is unusual, but it does emphasize on how it's "happening". I also like the approach to it on a more emotional level and I can already see you're taking a big swing for that. I'm eager to see the full thing!
Insert my POV closeup critique here aswell.

The overall music is also great by the way. I'll give more feedback when I feel like I earned the right for it. But the potential and structure (hell, 30 days) is massive :D


in a comment 2 month ago you told us that we will also get the Christmas Update here.

When will this happen? Christmas 2023?

To be honest, the game is great, really.

But your communication here sucks heavily. I can understand, that patreon get additional benefits, like pictures, pre realeses etc. But we also payed for your game and therefore you should think about your communication here. Dont tell us "It is coming next week" and then we dont hear something from you, for 4 Weeks. That sucks really. Not only related to the christmas update,it is also to the game in general.

Better don't make any announcements, than wrong announcements!

How do i skip?

There in no  skip  button.

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Really enjoying your game played the demo has a female  family friend  and enjoyed it' so I brought your game for $12 . I'm now playing has a male family friend young male. You wanted some feedback on the sex with Eva storyline' I thought it was fine. I went for the sex with Eva route' then I regetted it after. I would have never done that in real life. Keep them update's coming  my friend and don't forget everyone here on

This is such a great game. I play on the female cousin route. Very good. Do you plan on putting this on Steam?

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Ive bought the last version do i not get access to this update? 

I remember you saying $10 for 10 days.

Edit - never mind i found out what to do xD sorry thanks 

any word on the next update, i know yall said this weekend but i was just wondering


Yes, It will be out tomorrow, probably later in the day like usual, I work at night mostly so most things happen late in the day ;)

ill keep an eye out, preciate it 


nice game i can't wait for next update  and nice job with cc


I get that you have to provide your patron's something, but when I can google the latest version and pirate it before it's available for paying customers, something is wrong.


believe me I know.frustrates the crap out of me.  I banned the guy that shared the version of nexus with all the subscriber stuff.   and its not that this release is subscriber only, I just don't want to hear the bitching for releasing without female route, thats why the week delay. 

Also... Where did you find it, Because I can't... I keep an active roll at f95 to control as much as I can, and I know they haven't shared it.   and I googled and hit a few pirate sites, can't find 0.04 anywhere outside patreon and subscriberstar

romcomics and svscomics


Any chance you can add credit card support for purchases? 

I've tried repeatedly, Stripe (only cc processor allowed on itch) doesn't allow adult content.


That's really weird. I've purchased a lot of games that are Adult content with a CC. 


I can use CC through stripe if I let itch handle the payments 100%, but they take more and the hold onto the money longer. with direct integration their is less fees and I get they payments instantly.   I have argued with Stripe repeatedly on this issue on how they accept cc payments all day long for adult content here, and quite a few of them can be consider child pornography...

the demo from pc is  not working something about url 


Crap. I know what it is. give me a few.


fixed. Thanks for letting me know. I hate having to use google drive for this.

is there a free update come plesse.............. p.s i love the game so far.


3.5 will go free when full day 4 is released next weekend.



How do I continue my game from the "Please Save Here" screen? For the last three updates, I have had to start a new game to continue the story because I can't figure out how to progress with a previously saved game. Am I missing something?

It should continue fine... Their was an issue on one of the updates that didn't work but I fixed it a few days later and pushed a fix. As far as I know they are working. Are you on mobile, pc, mac?


On PC. I have even loaded up my saved game, scrolled back a few scenes, saved, then continued. I still get taken to the title screen after the "Please Save Here" screen. 


So I'm a dork and accidentally re-downloaded the same version again instead of going to patreon to download the newest version. It works fine. Thanks for responding.


Yeah. Newest only hit patreon for now due to incompleteness of the female route, and people don't like when I publicly post without female route.


would prefer lower quality and just say sometimes "it is done" even if its not prefect. more frequent updates are more worth in the end. these updates are just taking longer as its worth.


Early access for full day 4 just hit patreon, contains 1500+ images and 14 animations.

Full will be released here next week, Just finishing up some female route things.

"Are we there yet?"

Alexis corruption check when saying her boobs are perfect requires 4 points yet each time I have a corruption of 4 it fails. why is this or was it changed from 4?

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I will look into this. thanks.

can you let me know what route you are playing?

I did both male and female routes namely family friend and cousin. I found it on female route tho.


Thanks, Ill look into it.

I found the same on male cousin route.

Can't wait for more content :)

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The models, textures and graphics are incredible, fantastic job!

I like what's in the demo. Alexis reminds me of a younger and much less kinky version of a friend of mine. I'd say Kayla who is maybe closer personality-wise, but my friend loves to wear her hair in pigtails to make herself look younger. So it's been quite a trip for me. ^_^

Anyways... Some specific sets of renders are gold visually. I shivered during a very specific kissing scene. Always a good thing to inspire in the player. I did have some issues with the frame pacing, parts of several scenes going way to quickly though (and the frame counter I run for other games dinged 120 fps as opposed to just under 60 fps at other times). Also still a few references in the female MC route that use the wrong pronouns (scene meeting Ava for instance) and a lot of day 1 strongly hints your male.

I know this is super early to ask, the demo is all of 10% of the total if it does in fact last 30 days after all, but will their be guys not the male MC at some point in the story? As a bisexual girl playing a female MC, I'd personally like some option for it.

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feedback on 'the scene', no spoilers:
i am aware that scene pace is important for cinematic reasons, and while it is indeed a little cumbersome to click through a 'scene', it does have the benefit of allowing us to set the pace if we happen to be 'enjoying' a particular frame in the scene... it allows us to stop and focus on a detail and let it 'inspire' us a bit extra, which some of us do need. i'm not a hair-trigger guy.
for those who do want to noscope a 'scene', there's the 'auto' function. 
i think the solution is to set the timing in line with the default auto-advance time setting (however, i do usually increase that setting a little cos i read a bit faster than the default setting). not sure how much control you have over the menu settings.
as for a general "all im doing is watching, i'm not touching my big banana" gameplay style, the scene itself is very good and cinematic.

further feedback, spoilers included:
in the scene immediately after, the waking up of alex, and theres a line "i dont think i could choose her over you either", then she asks "she would be okay with that?", then an animation plays of her thinking about it.. 
that animation.. that one right there, that was gold in this genre. the wy she goes through three differnt expressions as she thinks, it creates beleivability.
even just having more than simple still images during conversations.
even something as simple as blinking, or a hair tuft of hair shifting, hell, even leaves on a tree shifting as if there is wind, thats what i find most games lack. thats what makes artists like carbidis so great at their craft, its the little bits of movement that bring life to the characters, camera shifting or rotating shots that add depth to a setting and/or character. it creates immersion. well done, 10/10 for that wakeup scene, she's adorable 


Thank you for the feedback.

for ava scene. The pacing was set around the music, however, I discovered after having to replace my primary monitor that this doesn't work.  Even though renpy's documentation states refresh rate or fps does not effect transition timing, going from a 60hz monitor to 165hz proved to me that it does because it is way out of sync on my system now, and the only thing that changed was the primary monitor. So that idea is a bit in the wind atm. So its going to be changed to more standard ero scene on the next update for the time being, till I find a solution.

my idea with it was "watching, WHILE touching my big banana" :) but seeing the responses, a lot of people loved it, a lot of people hated the hands off approach, so once I figure out the timing issue, it will be a choice, you can choose standard scene, or the 8 minute music timed scene.   also looking into a mix of both as renpy does support multi synced audio tracks, so i could keep timing  across tracks and adjust music 'style' as you click through the scene.

further feedback :)

Personally I would love to be able to do things like that more often, I would love to animate more, even the more subtle "animations" using just a few frames in a more stop motion kinda thing. The reason I don't atm. is I already render to much, its a personal OCD issue with me. trying to get passed it.

The working directory for this game, contains over 20,000 renders, a little over 5000 have actually end up in the game... its a problem ;)

But I have been trying to do something differently in this pending update, their is a lot more expression changes, more '3rd person' camera angles, because I realized over time, doing a first person only camera angle, while serving its purpose, limits you on a lot of things. so much can be changed about the feel of a scene just by adjusting camera dof, angle, position, etc.

i understand that a lot of what i like is impracticable, and i dont expect every shot to be the ideal, i'd just like you to know that they are appreciated, and they do make a difference to the game.
and considering how often you update the game, you're doing really well with what you've done so far :) production-wise, this really is a top notch game, up there with the best

love your stuff but y make it more difficult to buy by making it pay pal only I've been locked out of mine for years cuz of a phone number and can't even make a new one 


Yeah, im sorry, not really a choice on my end. Stripe (only other option on itch) won't let me stay on their service, they keep kicking me off for bull shit reasons like adult content and crowd funding. 

It will be going on steam with day 5 release, and I'll look for other ways to sell it too.

I just wanted to say this is probably the best adult VN I've ever played. Great art, graphics smooth transitions . I loved the Ava scene , and can't wait to see the finished product. I could see the start of the "other routes" going to be great. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your kind words!

And just to give a heads up. Next update will be out soon, It was supposed to be out already, but due to a glitch in renpy and some things changing in the story, it took a little longer to make sure everything is adjusted accordingly.   Will be hitting subscribers next week, and here shorty after (Just to make sure theirs no major issues.)

Where can I go to be a supporter? As I said before the very best AV novel I've played, and I've played a lot! Thanks for the info

I wanted to do the $1 monthly tier but says it's sold out?! I currently support more than 10 devs but would like to be able to support you as well, can you, maybe, not put a limit on the dollar tier. I'm not looking for benes, just to support in some small way, as many devs whose work deserves additional support beyond the game purchase.



The $1 tier got limited on patreon when the game went for sale here on itch, this was due to people joining for an hour at the $1 level then leaving right after they downloaded just so they could get access to the game for $1. I could of just not published the downloads to the $1 level but I felt that was unfair to those have been supporting at that level since the start of this project.     Let me look into creating a secondary $1 level for those who want to support but cant afford more, This level wont have access to downloads though.

See that makes sense. I paid on Itch, but have NO issue with no being able to download from Patreon. Like I said I support (actually!) 16 devs, so money has to be spread out, lol. But appreciate your reply and research.


in case you haven't checked, I did add the $1 level back, patreon actually didn't like me doing that, they prefer the minimum to be $3 now, which makes since, with the fee structure, for $1 donations, I get like $0.38


thats a pretty large fee, is the fee on all tier's this large?


its this way on everything, you have credit card transaction fees and then patreons fees. Credit card fees is where most of it goes on the $1 because credit card companies have a minimum fee amount.  But the ratio gets better on the higher levels, which is why patreon recommends $3 minimum because is meets these minimums on a % level. So you get 2.37 on a $3 patreon. Same goes for subscribestar too.   Some brick and morter buisness wont allow you to use credit card for transactions under $5 because of this same thing.


I went for the annual, if things change (which they may in May) I will up my patreon amount, but appreciate the ability to, at the very least, show my interest and support.



Good day,

Recently bought this game because I enjoyed it so much, just wanted to know if theres a discord channel I can join to stay up to date on development etc.

If I'm being an idiot and just missing a link somewhere I apologize.
Have a great one

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click on the more info tab and click on community it will take you to discord or hit blog and should see a discord button there.

Thank you very much

will we get the christmas update or is it patreon/subscribestar only?


Its coming here, just been really busy trying to finish day 4

Interesting, the game updated yesterday however the app is not allowing me to upgrade it, even though the page is updated with the new version.

Yes, I have bought the game, so I should be able to update.  Has it been switched so it can't be updated through the app?

No app should work, but this was a very minor update, only a few minor code changes ahead of the release coming in a week or so.

I remember you saying that on your update, so I thought I would pop in and update it.

We'll see how it goes when you release the rest of day 4 on the app!

Thanks again for a great game! (I do also have several others of yours I like too!)

Just a quick update.  Removing the installation and reinstalling, installed the latest update.

If i buy the game on here. Will all future updates be free ? Or do i need to pay again ?

All updates for this chapter are "free" after you pay, i dont reset payments like some devs do.

the only question is when the chapter change happens, originally slotted for day 10, its could likely happen at day 5 due to mobile size restrictions.  But if it happens at day 5, then chapter 2 will also be free if you purchased this, as I feel $10 for 10 days is a good distribution.

Cool. When are you releasing on Steam ?

Steam release will happen when Day 5 is completed.

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Christmas is gone, update on new year?

(yes I'm a little impatient)


Things are a bit behind because my kids and I got sick.

I just got the xmas special out on patreon yesterday.

can't give an estimate on full day 4 yet.


I didn't know you are married...

Nvm I don't even know if you're a man or a woman 😂. Get well soon💛


lol, not married anymore, separated a few years ago. my life anymore is being a single dad and making adult games ;)


sad to hear that, hope you meet someone kinky and kind soon.

Deleted 88 days ago

Damn I really wish you had other payment options overall good game.


ive tried, Stripe keeps kicking me off due to adult content, and pay pal and stripe are the only options here, the only other option is to let itch completely handle payments but the fees are higher and they hold onto the money longer, I may switch to that soon, but with xmas and all I needed faster access to it.

It's all good Happy holidays.


Hi, I just played this and I love it. Looking forward to the next update and happy holidays.

Please make credit card purchase, possible. Thank you


I've tried, Stripe refuses adult content, and stripe and Pay Pal are the only options here. You can buy with credit card on paypal.

Hey:) will there be also pregnancy?

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Yes, Can be turned on and off through the in game phone.

will we see a free ver. sometime?


their is a free version, its the "demo", its just listed as such because that's how itch wants to list it, free version will be update to 0.35 when 0.4 is out (Full day 4), Free version will always be available, just will be an update behind, and won't contain some of the extra's, like the upcoming Christmas special.

thank you

 3 days ago? update or 27?

huh?  If itch triggered some kind of update the other day, it was just me changing the header and adding the xmas background as the xmas special will be available by xmas.

When is the full day 4 coming?


Was originally going to be done by christmas but I had the flu and had to take a little time off, so shortly after xmas, but there will be a xmas special coming by xmas.



That's not how that "word" is used.



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