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I got the code and oped the vib but i cant do anything with any of it just return?


is a new update coming soon?


soon, but cant give an exact date yet.



So like will this be free forever or not?


I would like to keep it free, and we will as long as we can maintain enough supporters.

is there a guide that can help me understand the game better

pretty sure an in game guild is being added but dont know when


It seems that I can't interact with the picture frames and other things aside from the 6-digit code. I kept clicking the vibrator,telephone and pictures,but It won't let me do anything aside clicking return.

Day 1 night scene for friend not being there, yet getting discussed by MC and GF on day 2 is kinda confusing

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Sorry to bother, but there's something I don't understand... 

So for we only have 2/30 of the game (since it's aiming for 30 days and the second day was recently released).

So how is it that we already have endings already implemented, as well as all these fetishes?

For example, I don't really understand how something like "Harem" or "Pregnancy" can be achieved in a single day (or the second one by now)!

By no means is this any form of criticism, just a plead of clarification...

My regards, Grixxis


These are all the planned story elements, the pregnancy was a voted thing that was never intended but highly wanted, but obviously not something that will be realozed fully in these 30 days, mostly reserved for the fallowup

So the game is like +30 days, with a sequel/extent already planned for some of the elements (that may trigger depending on the choices in game, that is)

So as I understood, the game is still very much on its first steps (and if 2 days equals 1 GB, then the full 30 days might equal 15 GB of space, I sure hope I'm wrong/exaggerating XD)


we are working on compression, talking with some people on f95 about compression without destroying quality, trying to find that balance. we already made a step by moving animations to webm.


what do you do after you unlocked the code it says why is toliet unlocked I keep clicking things it keeps sending me back to the room

Check the box under the bed, open the vibrator


How to get the code i hav been stuck in the same part for 3 days

i like the x-ray view, should keep that.

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For those having trouble with the code.....


867-5309 = -4442

6*9+6+9 = 69

code is 444269

DAMN its simple once you get it lol

Deleted 301 days ago

I wouldn't have got this if I didn't see this so thank you 

umm what's the escape room code lol 


posted on main thread.


Looking for laptop code in escape room. TIA


Itch doesnt have spoiler tags, but its the first 4 digits are the first half of the phone number minus the second half, the last 2 numbers are 6×9+6+9

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If  you write long enough messages only the first few lines show Boss.

see what i mean?


ahhh the code doesn't work


Heads up, game will contain NTR.


Yes there is some story elements that can be considered NTR, Which is why we will give the option to turn it off, because people seem to have issues with it ;)

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hey so i was just wondering if this a bug or just a dream sequence or something? so i chose to be the male family friend first go around. so after taking Alexis shopping and meeting her friend Dakota, back at home it says the family route ISN'T finished, yet i have to choose between cousin or uncle, i chose cousin. but afterwards i assume you fall asleep and MC is now woman? it seems like you wake up and MC is still a woman? is this supposed to happen? and if so, like that part of the story is unfinished, which route do you currently recommend to play as of right now? like which route currently has the most content? 

I tried to duplicate this and couldn't get it to randomly switch to female at the end. Can you let me know what you are playing on?

also the Uncle route is the primary route so it will always be the most complete as we update.

PC, windows 10, free version from 

Wish I could record it for you, I doubt screenshots would be all that helpful. Because secondly I started playing as the female cousin, and not long after the same area as the first problem (roughly in the morning just as it transitions into day 2) it talks about not being finished, that some parts will be male, some will be female. To me this is irritating af. I'm going to try one more time as the uncle as per your suggestion. I hope you get this under control if it isn't just on my end. The premise of this game truly intrigues me, please keep up the good work and I thank you for your efforts!

So i repeatedly ran through both my un-compiled build , and the final version and couldn't duplicate the end of day 1 glitch.

Are you able to reproduce it? maybe you found some weird glitch based on choices?

but yes, Day 2 female was not done yet and honestly, feel like it took me WAY to long to finish it, getting ready to upload now, there is more then just female route added, but still, that took to long :/ Ill explain why in the release notes.  Sorry to everyone for the delay.

it's cool, I don't want to rush you, I know you've probably got a lot on your plate and I'd like for you to take your time and make it the best game possible. I'll probably give it a go later today. I'm currently trying a game called Come Home. But like I said I'll give your game another go, I'll duplicate and screenshot all the choices I make so maybe that could help you. Whatever it is I hope it's fixable on either of our ends.

same thing happens to me on the mac version. At the end of day one playing as a male family member a box pops up saying its not finished and I'm given the choice to switch to cousin or uncle to continue. When day 2 starts I checked the phone and I'm still listed as friend. This was on Mac

pretty good work so far, think their should be more interaction with finance and the options on saying yes or no for the clothing so you can decide what you buy after seeing a range and choose how much you spend as a minimum.  


  Hey 3DRC, so a few things.  I do love the concept and some of the Story, it's nice how you can be Male or Female and you can select the relationship ( Aunt, Family Friend or Cousin.).  But honestly your kinda all over the Place.  Your Game or Visual Novel whatever you care to call it Plays like it wants to be a Male only MC.  I personally think you are to ambitious cause you wanted to give people a "choice" Drive Game play if you want to be Male or Female.  An then you get the crowd that Only wants to play as a Male MC and you Cater to them.  Then you get people trying the Female MC and some love it and some hate it.  But your ruining your own game cause you have your Basic BIO showing a female Body saying you are a FEMALE.  Then you get scene's showing a Male Hand, and Male Genitalia, and even conversations showing "He comments or are you "two a couple".  I would honestly love to support this game cause it has Promise.  But honestly you need to Decide if you want a Male or Female Only game.  Cause your Blending your game together trying to support two crowds and that never ends well.  Instead of people supporting you, your gonna get people criticizing you.  Sorry for the Book but just my personal thoughts.  I do hope it works out for you.

Thank you for the feedback. Female route for day 2 isnt done, which is why day 2 plays like it does if you run the fem route. There is dialoge changes, and unique scenes for the fem route once it is done, and actually there is 1 female specific scene already in this day when you go wakup alex.  Male route gets completed first because as the artist I do play the male route, but we also have 4 female writers. So female route is still very much a priority.

we want to get away from staggered release but also want to release once a month. The hold up on this release and the cause for the m only release is the animations, which ended up being pushed back anways do to system limitations and lack of good queuing for animations.

As its looking right now, fem route may get updated before animations for the end of day 2 are complete.

  I was a little concerned cause of all the Blending and the fact that it shows Male Genitalia, Plus the Man Hands and the comments saying "He" when clearly your Bio, Stats Page clearly shows a Female.  Now I am not trying to be a asshole or anything cause there is a Beginning Developer I have been supporting at Max Tier since they started out and now they have 762 Patreons.  I even asked them to look in to your game cause of the Blending and such.  Cause you have such a Bold Idea and the Story really works.  But as I was told by this Developer "Chase 2 rabbits and you will lose them both, Try to please everyone and you will please none".  I really do want you to succeed but maybe you should focus on one and finish it before trying the other.  Cause some people might find it a turn off as I did and not support you.  Just a thought but thanks for your reply.

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There was a problem at the end I think when I played it when it said we are working on animations it takes sometime that's what y'all developer said but that's not when it crashed the game and as soon as we are in the scene with Alexis in the laundry room the game crashes instantly but it could be probably just my phone because that's where I played it on but I have a PC so I don't have to worry about it and keep up the amazing work y'all are amazing😀 I enjoy the game 

I think i know whats causing this. In an attempt to keep file size down we converted some images for the animations to webp, but noticed even on pc it doesnt seem to like that, i noticed delays and cpu and memory spikes on python during this.  If you would like to hit me up on discord, i can remove the webp and see if it solves the issue.


Amazing work so far! really excited to see future updates! vn with great story & animations! yes and thank you please! 


Just started with the new release. I am not so happy to play it part male MC.
Will this be better handled in the future?
Maybe I'll wait until then.

We are trying to figure out a solution for it, The major hold up is the sexual content, as MF sexual content will be completely different then FF, so its not something that can be rendered concurrently like other things, usually when its just simple things like a visible hand or body part we render those at the same time, its not to difficult, its just the sexual results in longer time, especially when it comes to animations, we are working on ways to solve this, but requires some upgrades.


Thanks for the fast answer. I don't want to spoil my good experience with your game with dicks.
So I will wait.

Okay :) understandable. Should have it all ready in a couple weeks.


personally, i feel that rendering a whole new set of scenes is just slowing down production and wasting your very good rendering skills on a such a low-demand feature. like, you're putting all this effort into something that maybe 5% of players (and thats being generous suggesting that 5% of itch-io users are female) are even going to access. i know that i for one will never play the female version, i just dont relate to it.

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You may be surprised, even with our comics we have maintained a pretty large female following. I might need to run a poll to see what the ratio is right now.   But yeah i understand not relating to the female route, but I will say, the female route day 1 ending has some sexy animations :) and day 2 opening with Alex is pretty sexy as well.

We are working on some upgrades to allow us to render animations faster which will solve the fear of delays due to the multiple routes.

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i wouldnt be surprised about the comics, cos comics in general really have been trending in popculture for a couple of decades now, as opposed to the early days of 'only geeks read comics'. "geek is cool bro" #WordsHaveMeanings, but i digress :p 
but AVNs specifically out of the VN genre? from my maybe limited observations, more girls seem to be authoring them than playing them.
and while i might admire the technical aspects of the rendering¹, girl on girl just does nothing for me, unless its incidental to a 3some.
having said that, no complaints from me. slow plot progress is better than a stagnating game :) two "days" in ~60ish days, is not bad at all.

¹ you are using some really good lighting and reflection settings in your renders, they look amazing, without having that horrible "too much detail" feel you get from higher resolutions..
i mean, 4k IRL-video can be completely change a movie, removing the 'magical feel' provided by a slight fuzziness to the image, the slightly blurred quality of old VHS standards kinda lend a 'dreamy' feel to films..
you ride that line between 'TMI', and 'looks like IRL', love your work

Has day 2 for Android been released?

Not yet, Finishing up things now, today or tomorrow.


Please add a skip dialogue button on mobile in future updates, it will make replaying a lot easier


will do! Thanks, I don't play on mobile so didn't think about it. Ill make sure its added.!

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Only one word to describe this game. AMAZING. And the fact that you let us choose the MC's gender is even better! The choices are amazing, as well as the animation and art in general. I can't wait for the next update! Hopefully soon lol. I normally Uninstalls games (even ones still in production) to make space, but I think I'm gonna keep this one installed!

is there an eta ish on the next update? Take you time the story is great so far, just wondering. 

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Aiming for the weekend of april 8th

I keep refreshing this page and hoping for the update :)

Hello!  There was a couple of things added last minute to day 2 that we think you will enjoy, so it added a little more dev time, Ill post in a day or 2 with a definite release day/time

All good news, I am only teasing really. You did say aiming at the 8th, there was no guarantee. I am just eager to see more.

Why do I keep failing Alexis's corruption check when I say her breasts are perfect? I have 3 corruption for her.

It requires 4, i found a small glitch and update this the same day the new version came out, if you are on pc/mac/linux i can send you just the corrected file. 

How do I get 4 corruption for her?

Deleted 320 days ago

So far I think it is an amazing game with a fun story line. I honestly can't wait for more and am eager to follow along as it's developed. For things to look at, I would suggest proofing dialog. For instance, after shopping with Alex you offer to hold on to several items until Alex goes to college so that her mom doesn't "through" instead of "throw" them all out. Other than that, white text in dialog over top white backgrounds, and "Status Point" notice has been addressed. I suppose only other thing to mention now is Character Status overlap for mobile. All in all great work, I would be happy to support and cannot wait for more.


really like the game so far, suggestion would be that the white text not be on another white object like a shirt or bed sheet, makes it hard to read. Next suggestion would be when the small info comes up with the corruption that not be italic and be better for reading imo. Really great story so far and can't wait for more content.


Agree with you there; the easy solution is to place a semitransparent black box (say, 50% alpha) behind the text.

I fully agree with this, and originaly the box was allot less transparent. But some people complained. Trying to make everyone happy 🙂 i will be adding an adjustuble layer behind the box so the user can pick the opacity.

maybe even adjust dynamically for some scenes...

Possibly bold black outline with white letter text? I really enjoy and appreciate the text/dialog boxes as they are; allowing you to see as much of the scene as possible - so kudos.

Love what I've seen so far, I love the concept of the different type of mc, just one question though, is there currently only content for day 1 on all the routes? Cause I've already played as Cousin and as an Uncle and both end on day 1

there will be 1 more end route for day one specific to family friend, it will be released with day 2.


will there be an plans in the future that will have sharing, and even cheating cuckold content added?


well yes.. technically you are currently dating some one else when all this starts. so yeah.. but i don't want to explain to much into that. spoilers :)

thank you for not putting any spoilers thats all i need to know im saving this games to my favorites thank you for the info love the game btw

I got problems with starting the game on android, what could be the problem?

what are you experiencing, I did run it this morning on my s10, ran fine, other then the fact it skips the main menu and goes straight into the game

after i see renpy loading and the 3d thing, my screen gets dark and it exits the app..

interesting, what kind of phone you on.  I know the mobile part of android is still "beta".   I do have a web build of an older version if you wanted to try that.

i have a pretty new Samsung phone so i don't understand what could be the problem..


Game is looking great
Alexis and Kayla are great main characters
Looking forward to seeing where they end up


Hi! what's the song called when you open the game?


Dead Man's Opera. The artists goes by 2 different names and did 2 different versions of this song.  This one is under Empires Will Fall.

When I first came across this guy years ago it was through the name Silencyde, Allot of the background music I am using is silencyde.


Thank you for the sources. Keep it up with the game and the cool music <3


made an account just to say how great i think the game is so far, looking forward to the upcoming content


You should add your patreon link to the top of the main page. I enjoyed that demo.

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This is a GREAT beginning--and offering us three versions of the MC is brilliant! Rarely have I been this excited for a story to continue.


Thank you! Ill have female options opened up this weekend, then more endings to day 1 and day 2's story in 2 weeks!

nice game till now...congrats and keep the good work up....👍✌

Thank you!


im a fucking invalid man living in the most expensive country in the world but i will absolutly pay something for the netx totally deserte it...congratz again ✌👍


Any plans to add a trans/futa protagonist?


hasn't been thought about and no current plans. if dev time allows it, possibly but no guarantees... but.. with the female protagonist, It may not be that heavy of an ask. so ill run some tests, see what all it adds to dev time and code changes.

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Wasn't really an ask, just a suggestion but I don't expect anyone to pay attention to, much less listen to me.

Thanks tho, I appreciate your answer and content of your response

Is an Android Version planed ? Would be nice 🙂

Yes, there is an unoffical android version over at f95, but i will be adding official android this weekend.

cool thx very much 💓

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Renders are nice, and the story is good.. but damn.. a spellchecker would be nice. Almost every line has some sort of spelling error or is just wrong grammatically. Fix that, and you got some good shit. 


yeah i am aware of my grammar and spelling issues :), working on getting all the corrected for next update :)

Hey man, if you're interested I can correct these mistakes for you, hmu if you want to do some busines


Offering to help proof reading and you misspelled "Business" 

Probably shouldn't hit him up xD

lmao true, no worries I just typed that fast and hit send without looking, I swear I'm not actually bad at grammar x)


thats kind of why the game is so messed up, type to fast, and atom doesn't spell check.

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