Day 4 and Other info.

So wanted to post something to talk about the rest of day 4 and certain things about the future of Thirty Days.

First, No estimate on the second half of day 4, but should be before the end of December, we have a lot of content to get ready for it.

We also are working on a Holiday special as well.

For those on android, We are working on handling the split releases due to file size, will be running tests with subscribers in the next couple of weeks.

Chapters - It's obvious the file size on this game is going to be huge. and we don't want to make everyone download 20 gb updates when we get around day 20.  So we will be splitting into chapters, 3 chapters to be exact.  Chapter 1 is day 0 through 10, chapter 2 is day 11 through 20, Chapter 3 is 21 through 30.

There will also be a fallow up story that explores the results of what you did, and since pregnancy was a voted feature, that should be fun ;)

Steam release - If you pay attention to the comments you are aware steam release is coming at day 5. Steam release will be at least $10, and at the point the price here will also match, If you purchase now at the $5, you will get a free key for the steam release, and I am working with itch to make sure you still get access here even when the price goes up.

Why charge? This is my job now, So that I would have more time to work on this for everyone, I did leave my job. I love doing this, and want to keep doing this for the foreseeable future, but I do have a mortgage and 3 kids, so money is just a tiny bit important, wish it wasn't so I could just do all this for free, would also like to start paying the other people I work with on this.

Ill keep updating on the status of the rest of day 4.

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Hi guys. I want to change the language of the game (my local lamguage). Can someone  guide me please?

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will holiday special come before or after day 4 part 2?

any ideas how long the follow up story will  be already or still not in planning?

Holiday special will release with the rest of day 4 as part of the update.

For the follow up. It's in planning, but honestly the length of it depends on the success of Thirty Days.


Will Steam release be in chapters like it will be here? Maybe a walkthrough too for Steam as DLC?

Sounds good. Doing an excellent job, keep up the good work 👍


Wait.  You're doing this full time now? YES.  This story is excellent.  I'm constantly jonesing for more content, particularly the kinky side of kayla.