Thirty Days - Day 2 - 0.90.2MF

So First!

We want to apologize for the huge delay on this release.

Over 5000 images were rendered for day 2, over 2,000 since male only release of day 2, allot went into animations. 

Thirty Days 0.90.2MF over 0.88.2M

  • About 1000 new still images
  • About 40 animations
  • Expanded Escape Room
  • Expanded Movies
  • Changed Dakota Pizza scene
  • Night scenes added
  • Major Code Changes.
  • New UI (Mobile Phone) Cant make everyone  happy but we try :/


if you load outside the marked save points, don't go into messages immediately, it may crash the game, we did our best to counter act this but know it may still happen.


Thirty Days 0.04.94 Linux 2 GB
Version Beta_0.90.2MF Jul 11, 2022
Thirty Days 0.04.94 Windows 2 GB
Version Beta_0.90.2MF Jul 11, 2022
Thirty Days 0.04.94 Mac 2 GB
Version Beta_0.90.2MF Jul 11, 2022

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Hello! For those of us who hate puzzles because we suck at them, is there a guide with the 6 digit code and possible puzzles posted later!

All the best!

(1 edit)

Some one already posted it on f95, and itch doesnt have spoiler tags...  but its the first half of the phone number minus the second half, that gives you 4 digits, the last 2 are 6×9+6+9


Great! Many thanks!


doesnt help just tell us the numbers

just give us the code fuck

I did, forever ago ;)

just give me the 6 digit code


code is 444269