Thirty Days - Day 2 - 0.89.2MF

We know its taken awhile to complete day 2 but allot is coming in this next update.


  1. Both Male and Female routes completed.
  2. Day 2 Ending
  3. A few additions/changes involving dakota.
  4. Extended escape room scene.
  5. Alternates/changes to movie theater scene.


  1. GUI reworked, most things moved into an in game cellphone.
  2. Gallery Added.
  3. Replay Added.
  4. Messaging between Nicole and others via phone.

This update will be released between the 24th and 27th.

Some bad news.

The original day 2 night scene has been completely changed, So the preview animations from 88.2M will not be in this release.  That particulate ending may show up on a different day, but as we continued to develop what we wanted there it became a massive almost never ending cycle of animations, that we figured was probably best reserved for later in the story.

Some good news.

Something else is going to be released this week, its called Nexus, now before you start freaking out, development of nexus does NOT effect Thirty Days.   Thirty Days is demanding and is only able to render on 2 of the 4 cards in my system,  but my system is capable of running multiple instances of Daz studio.  So while I have been waiting 30 to 40 minutes in some cases for an image from Thirty Days to render. I have been running a second instance and creating short stories on the other 2 cards.

This first release of nexus will come with 2 stories. "Ghost Hunters(Working title)" and "Dance Class"
"Ghost Hunters" is a fantasy story involving ghosts and demons.
"Dance Class" is a BDSM story.

"Taylors Trouble" will be the next short released in a week or 2.

I have also added in 2 comics and am experimenting with presenting comics in a good way in renpy.  "Kayla: A Week With Grandpa, Day 1" and the first part of "QuaranTeen" are the 2 comics chosen for this release.

We built a dynamic package system for this, what this means is you can go into the game directory and delete "KaylaAWWG.rpa" and it will remove Kayla from the menus and everything else will still function perfectly. This was built so you can remove stories you don't want to save on space, and in the future you will just be able to download the stories you want and drop the RPA files into your game directory, it will detect them and load in the info.

We are also looking into web connection to download stories directly inside the nexus core,

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Struggling to solve the code in the escape room.

Is X supposed to be solved from the equation (x³)-(x⁴)=-(x²)²?


867 - 5309 = -4442

Hellooo I would like to ask if there is any update or when will it be ready? I have been waiting way too long for an update. I litearlly made an account just so I can comment in here lol.

Just ran through final testing, doing final build and uploading now.


any update?


almost done, added a few more things involving nicole


This is fantastic news. Can't wait!