Thirty Days 0.86MF

Slight hold up on release.

Mostly because I didin't want to release one yesterday, and then release another one couple of days later. (and I do have a day job)

I am pleased with the new anims for the female route. even if the female route isn't your interest, I would suggest skipping through real quick once its released, just to see the anims for that route. 

so far over 200 additional images, and 4 new anims.

Probably another 100 or so images and 1 more animation by release (Tomorrow? crossing fingers))

  • Allot of gui work, coding cleanup.
  • Stats for the girls will be available (As you meet them. if you already played through and don't want to restart, Alex, Kayla, Dakota will auto activate start of day 2).
  • Removed allot of the unneeded stats from the screen. 
  • Removed the top bar. 
  • Cleaned up dialog box.
  • Pregnancy and condom code added. (added condom for harem, so if you wish you can just try to get only 1 girl pregnant, pregnancy success will be random, and can be turned off completely at start of day 2, condoms will not be present with pregnancy disabled.)
  • Female route enabled
  • Cousin (M/F) ending added to day 1 (added selector to friend route so you can pick either Cousin or Uncle/Aunt ending.
  • A lot of spelling and grammar fixes.

Some Info on additional LI's coming soon.

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